Rearguard Obstructionism

Those who support the CO2 hypothesis for global warming or climate change are poised to obstruct the rollback of regulations requiring the cutting of CO2 and other GHG emissions. Whether it will be Hollywood celebrities crying over issues, or organized Continue reading Rearguard Obstructionism

Flying Guinea Pigs

An article in United Airlines on-board magazine said, “[United] will be the first U.S. airline to use renewable biofuel on regularly scheduled passenger flights.” Not many people may be aware that United Airlines is using biofuels, with the objective of Continue reading Flying Guinea Pigs

Enemies of Freedom in our Midst?

There are many instances in history where one group of people attempts to stifle the views of their opponents. This has been abhorrent to Americans who believe in freedom, and has seldom been attempted in the United States. But now, Continue reading Enemies of Freedom in our Midst?

Tax Payer Dollars Given To Green Climate Fund

The UNFCCC Green Climate Fund was established at COP 16, as described here on the UNFCCC web site: “At COP 16, Parties, in decision 1/CP.16, established a Green Climate Fund (GCF) as an operating entity of the Financial Mechanism of Continue reading Tax Payer Dollars Given To Green Climate Fund

Beware the Planners

It’s disheartening when some groups are willing to tell the rest of us how to live. The latest effrontery in this respect is the American Planning Association’s Policy Guide on Planning & Climate Change. Here are a few of the Continue reading Beware the Planners