US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies

…US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies… According to the latest report on supply chains, issued June of this year, i.e., The Whitehouse, 100-Day Reviews under Executive Order 14017, three minerals used in Lithium-ion batteries represent a strategic threat to the United States. Continue reading US Strategic Minerals Deficiencies

Hot Rocks Resurrected

…Hot Rocks Resurrected… A writer for the WSJ interviewed a professor at the University of Texas, and then wrote a glowing article about the prospect of unlimited supplies of electricity from, what is referred to, as enhanced geothermal systems, better Continue reading Hot Rocks Resurrected

Another Voice

Heller Sample

…Another Voice… This posting will introduce Tony Heller, if you are not already familiar with him. Use this link to access his video: http:/  I have  found his videos to be accurate, though I have read criticisms by those promoting Continue reading Another Voice

Essential US Navy Petroleum Supplies

Modern Underway Replenishment from USN

…Essential US Navy Petroleum Supplies… A recent article in USNI’s Proceedings Magazine, featured the lack of availability of petroleum products from the United States west coast. It highlighted that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and most refineries were along the Gulf Continue reading Essential US Navy Petroleum Supplies

Objective Analysis of Wind Energy

…Objective Analysis of Wind Energy… In response to a question about why I seemed to denigrate wind energy, I responded as follows. Unless noted, these comments apply to land-based, not off-shore wind, Wind provides very little electricity for the investment Continue reading Objective Analysis of Wind Energy

Harm Caused by Net Zero Carbon Policy

Left scale: Exajoules (EJ). From, Climate Change Reconsidered II: Source: Bithas and Kalimeris, 2016, Figure 2.1, p. 8. Biofuels (blue), are predominantly wood.

…Harm Caused by Net Zero Carbon Policy… It’s the policy of the current administration to achieve net zero carbon by 2050. But, is net “zero carbon”, i.e., net zero CO2, good for the United States and all Americans? Or is Continue reading Harm Caused by Net Zero Carbon Policy