The Big Untruth

(Untruth is more politically correct than lie.) Nothing succeeds more, or is harder to fight, than the Big Untruth. The Big Untruth is so large that people say it must be true. The Big Untruth is so large it’s difficult Continue reading The Big Untruth

Another Clean Energy Failure

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plants were supposed to be an economical method for generating electricity, while removing 90% of the CO2 from emissions. IGCC plants gasify coal, then separate the CO2 from combustible gasses, primarily hydrogen, and then Continue reading Another Clean Energy Failure

Hydro Power, Real Renewable Energy

There are 54,000 dams in the United States, higher than 5 Ft., which are not currently equipped to generate electricity. The Department of Energy (DOE) determined that these non-powered dams (NPDs) could provide 12,000 MW of generating capacity. A mere Continue reading Hydro Power, Real Renewable Energy

Implications of Fusion Power

The hype accompanying the Lockheed announcement of its fusion power development distorted the potential benefits of fusion power. There is no question that fusion power has great potential, and could be the primary source of electricity when other power generation Continue reading Implications of Fusion Power

Energy Efficiency Mirage

It’s fair to say that it’s possible to improve energy efficiency, but it’s also fair to say that improved energy efficiency usually comes at a cost. It’s the costs that organizations promoting energy efficiency like to ignore. Automobiles have improved Continue reading Energy Efficiency Mirage

Higher Costs Built Into EPA Proposal

The EPA fully recognizes that its proposal to cut CO2 emissions 30% will increase the cost of electricity to consumers and industry. There are several places within the EPA regulations that recognize that costs will increase (1). There can be Continue reading Higher Costs Built Into EPA Proposal