Water and Fracking

…Water and Fracking… Water is back in the news for two reasons. First, the amount of water used and extracted from wells has increased the probability of earthquakes. Second, the possibility of water shortages has raised concerns about the availability Continue reading Water and Fracking

Lurching Left

…Lurching Left… The Wall Street Journal maintains a conservative opinion page, but the main section, or news section, of the paper, is lurching left. Some recent examples establish this leftward trend as fact. Airline CO2 emissions An article on February Continue reading Lurching Left

Worldwide Costs for Power Generation

…Worldwide Costs for Power Generation… The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently issued a report, World Energy Outlook WEO 2018, on the energy transition that, according to the IEA, is underway in an effort to combat climate change.  The IEA claimed Continue reading Worldwide Costs for Power Generation

Not so independent IEA

…Not so independent IEA… The International Energy Agency (IEA) has, until recently, been viewed as an objective forecaster of oil and energy supply and demand.  Power Magazine, for example, said, “Paris based IEA is an autonomous organization” inferring objectivity. In Continue reading Not so independent IEA

New No Growth Proposal with “Earth Overshoot Day”

…New, No-Growth Proposal with “Earth Overshoot Day”… Another movement is emerging from Europe that takes carbon-induced climate change one step further. It calls for a “No-growth Europe.” The preface to a No-Growth proposal by 238 European academics said: “We know Continue reading New No Growth Proposal with “Earth Overshoot Day”


…Microgrids… Whenever electric service is interrupted in a widespread area, such as with a hurricane, or there are grid failures that cause other problems, such as the California wildfires, someone inevitably proposes the use of microgrids as a solution. Let’s Continue reading Microgrids