Fracking and the Oil Crisis

Efforts to prevent fracking are threatening all Americans. Fracking has created an abundant supply of inexpensive natural gas, creating a surplus where an emerging shortage a few years ago was dictating the need to import natural gas from the Mideast. Continue reading Fracking and the Oil Crisis

Fear: The Strategy of Activists

Here are quotations from several sources designed to scare people. “Rapid development of fossil-fuel resources has the potential to transform landscapes and biological communities before the resulting impacts are fully understood.” “The biological impacts of shale energy development are numerous, Continue reading Fear: The Strategy of Activists

Fracking Benefits America

The media continues to publish stories denigrating fracking. My local paper has published three anti-fracking AP articles in the past few days. While a few people have been disturbed by drilling near their homes, fracking has not caused any important Continue reading Fracking Benefits America

America’s Energy Revolution

Fracking has revolutionized the oil and natural gas industry, with virtually no assistance from the government … and Fracking is being improved all the time. It was through George Mitchell’s tireless efforts that Fracking in shale formations became possible. Historically, Continue reading America’s Energy Revolution

Drilling is Awe-Inspiring

It wouldn’t be surprising if many people thought that drilling for oil was as simple as inserting a straw into the plastic top on a glass of soda. The cut-away diagrams shown on TV seem almost as simple. The reality is much Continue reading Drilling is Awe-Inspiring

Fracking Indictment

On December 8, the EPA issued a draft report on fracking in Pavillion, Wyoming. The report said: “Data indicates likely impact to ground water that can be explained by hydraulic fracturing.” The media immediately proclaimed that fracking was responsible for Continue reading Fracking Indictment