Drilling and Debt

What’s the current economic situation in the United States? The United States has a huge federal debt, with many states also having crushing debt loads. The United States has extremely high unemployment levels, as well as considerable hidden unemployment. The Continue reading Drilling and Debt

EPA Warns of Oil Threat (1901)

Word has just reached Washington by telegraph that there has been a huge oil spill in Beaumont, Texas. An oil well was drilled on a dome known as Spindletop and oil is flowing unchecked from the well. There is wild Continue reading EPA Warns of Oil Threat (1901)

Fracking and Fire Water

Fracking has allowed natural gas to be extracted from shale, which has resulted in cutting the price of natural gas by at least half, while also demonstrating that the United States has a 100-year supply of natural gas. Extreme environmentalists Continue reading Fracking and Fire Water

Killing U.S. Jobs

Here is how this administration’s energy policy is killing jobs, while being more interested in cutting CO2 emissions than in creating jobs. This is preposterous when we need revenues to help pay down our national debt. More drilling and more Continue reading Killing U.S. Jobs

Forget Peak Oil

The fear that we will run out of oil has a long and tortured history. Peak Oil is just the latest manifestation of this fear. “In 1855, an advertisement for Kier’s Rock Oil advised consumers to ‘hurry, before this wonderful Continue reading Forget Peak Oil