Importance of Duck Curve

…Importance of Duck Curve… The Duck Curve was prepared by the California System Operator (CAISO) to depict the pending problems associated with adding more renewables to the grid. There are several ways to evaluate wind and solar. One method evaluates Continue reading Importance of Duck Curve

Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?

…Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?… Recently the media has reported that wind and solar were competitive with coal and natural gas for generating electricity. The Wall Street Journal, for example, published an article with a headline, Economic impact of Continue reading Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?

Dreaming About Storage

..Dreaming About Storage… The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) determined that adding too much wind and solar on their grid would create problems. They described the problem by using a graphic representation that has become known as the DUCK curve. Continue reading Dreaming About Storage