Electricity Consumption Will Grow Again

Distribution of lighting by sector EIA

…Electricity Consumption Will Grow Again… (For the record: Articles published in January of 2018, i.e., four years ago, foresaw the reason why consumption of electricity was flat and accurately predicted when growth would resume. See note for link to these articles.) Continue reading Electricity Consumption Will Grow Again

Net-Zero Carbon and the Electric Grid

Two books that address the Energy crisis issue

…Net-zero Carbon and the Electric Grid… Chapter 2 of Net-zero Carbon, The Climate Policy Destroying America, provides a glimpse into how climate policies endanger our electric grid. While Chapter 2 of Net-zero Carbon is an essential introduction to the issue Continue reading Net-Zero Carbon and the Electric Grid

Japan and China: Remarkably Clean Coal

The global initiative is to manufacture Clean Coal

The new buzzword for coal-fired power plants is HELE, an acronym for High Efficiency Low Emission. According to a recent International Energy Agency (IEA) report, Japan’s 600 MW Isogo plant in Yokohama is probably the best in the world. It Continue reading Japan and China: Remarkably Clean Coal

Tea Party Interview

Villages Tea Party, Donn Dears

Periodically, I do radio and other interviews. While radio interviews are not easy to reproduce on the internet, my recent interview with the president of The Villages Tea Party is a video with an easy to access link. The purpose Continue reading Tea Party Interview

Modular Nuclear Reactors

Animated picture of a huge container truck

Proposed small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) could revitalize the nuclear industry in the United States, assuming their costs can be substantially below the $6,000 per KW cost of traditional nuclear power plants, such as those being built in Georgia and Continue reading Modular Nuclear Reactors