Betting on Long Shots

Another Department of Energy (DOE) long shot bet using tax payer money on a renewable energy source . DOE recently awarded the Oregon State University’s (OSU’s), Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) a $40 million grant. In making the grant, Continue reading Betting on Long Shots

The Final Nail?

When first introduced, electricity from nuclear power was to be too cheap to meter. Then, while the first nuclear power plants were being built, extensive delays and modifications resulted in large cost overruns. The utilities incurred these cost overruns, as Continue reading The Final Nail?

Kemper Travesty is No Way to Save Coal Mining Jobs

Recently, members of Congress from both parties have put forth proposals to continue or increase subsidies for power plants that capture CO2. The most notorious of these plants is the disastrous Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant in Kemper Continue reading Kemper Travesty is No Way to Save Coal Mining Jobs

Dakota and the Pipeline Abyss

The political left is fighting hard to prevent the building of pipelines. Currently, the most noisy protest has been to prevent the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. This pipeline is being built to transport oil from Continue reading Dakota and the Pipeline Abyss

What next for shale?

“In August 2015, Saudi Arabia declared war on shale oil development in the United States.” “In October 2016, Saudi Arabia capitulated.” Quote from, Saudi Arabia Capitulates. This has now been confirmed by an agreement among OPEC producers to cut production Continue reading What next for shale?

CO2 Wizardry or Hype?

The headlines read: “Scientists accidentally discover a method to turn carbon dioxide Into ethanol.” And, “CO2 may help renewables industry.” While stories in the media read: “The [CO2 to Ethanol] process could be used to store excess electricity generated [by] Continue reading CO2 Wizardry or Hype?