Oil Stocks are the New Tobacco?

…Oil Stocks are the New Tobacco?… “Oil stocks are the new tobacco, in ‘death knell phase,’” said Jim Cramer on his TV show. While this article in no way attempts to make stock market predictions, it can point out why Continue reading Oil Stocks are the New Tobacco?

Website Update

…Website Update… Since early August the website stopped notifying subscribers when a new article was published. Because of this, I held back publishing more articles until the website was fixed. Here are the articles you may have missed: Let’s be Continue reading Website Update

Common Sense or Ideology

…Common Sense or Ideology… Recently, Renewable Energy World announced:  “Efficiency Startup Gets Funding to Cut Energy Use by Buildings” The startup reportedly attracted investors including, “Tom Steyer’s, Radicle Impact Partners; former General Motors Co. Vice Chairman, Steve Girsky; and Tesla Continue reading Common Sense or Ideology

Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy

…Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy… President Trump chastised Germany for its reliance on Russian natural gas, and the building of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Germany is highly dependent on imports for its energy, especially as it gets rid Continue reading Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy

LEDs, Energy Saving Marvels – Part 1

…LEDs, Energy Saving Marvels – Part 1… LEDs are potentially the most important energy saving innovation in the past 50 years. More efficient automobiles have resulted in large savings of gasoline, but these improvements have been incremental. LEDs, while in Continue reading LEDs, Energy Saving Marvels – Part 1

Energy Forecasts are Contaminated

…Energy Forecasts are Contaminated… There are few, if any forecasts of energy consumption that haven’t been contaminated by the CO2 climate change frenzy. This includes forecasts made by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the International Energy Agency (IEA), Exxon Mobile, Continue reading Energy Forecasts are Contaminated