The Politics of Energy, Part 2

During WWII, America was the Arsenal of Democracy

…The Politics of Energy, Part 2… Part 1 made it clear the United States has the energy resources needed to counter its enemies and support its allies. America’s abundant resources are also among the least costly in the world. “The Continue reading The Politics of Energy, Part 2

Clean Energy Dirtier Than Imagined

Clean technologies have more complicated requirements

…Clean Energy Dirtier Than Imagined… The effect of wind power on birds and bats is already well-publicized but is being swept under the rug. This article will explain why using wind and PV solar for generating electricity will cause greater Continue reading Clean Energy Dirtier Than Imagined

Net-Zero Carbon and the Electric Grid

Two books that address the Energy crisis issue

…Net-zero Carbon and the Electric Grid… Chapter 2 of Net-zero Carbon, The Climate Policy Destroying America, provides a glimpse into how climate policies endanger our electric grid. While Chapter 2 of Net-zero Carbon is an essential introduction to the issue Continue reading Net-Zero Carbon and the Electric Grid

Dangerous Bureaucracies

Parkinson's Law

…Dangerous Bureaucracies… One of the first actions taken by Jack Welch when he became CEO, was to cut back the bureaucracy at Fairfield, GE’s headquarters. He saved, in today’s dollars, at least $50 million in annual payroll, exclusive of benefits, Continue reading Dangerous Bureaucracies