Data Everywhere, But Not a Byte to Use

There is considerable discussion about data, how it can improve energy efficiency and reduce the use of electricity. Frequently, it’s about capturing data of energy usage in the home so as to reduce the use of electricity and cut CO2 Continue reading Data Everywhere, But Not a Byte to Use

Carbon Morality

When a CEO of a major utility talks about controlling CO2 emissions, it’s clear America’s standard of living is under attack. David Crane, CEO of NRG Energy, in his article in EnergyBiz, titled Carbon Morality, claims that those who argue Continue reading Carbon Morality

Hawthorne Redux

Editorials and articles designed to inspire more efficient use of electricity repeatedly cite examples of how different groups have used electricity more efficiently. An example of such an article appeared in the September issue of EnergyBiz, though there are dozens Continue reading Hawthorne Redux

Solar Reality

An Arizona Public Service (APS) General Manager spoke the truth about net metering when she said, “[with] net metering, and other rate factors, fewer customers must share these fixed costs, which cause their rates to rise. This spirals until the Continue reading Solar Reality

Pumping Up Storage

This is a play on pumped storage, where water is pumped uphill to a reservoir, and then released to flow downhill through a turbine to generate electricity. It’s the only proven method for storing large amounts of electricity, though there Continue reading Pumping Up Storage

Smart Meters and Efficiency

Smart meters are being promoted as a key part of a strategy for improving energy efficiency. Some utilities, such as Commonwealth Edison, have sold state legislatures a bill of goods so that utilities can charge customers for installing smart meters. Continue reading Smart Meters and Efficiency