Perverted Logic

A recent Carnegie Mellon study concluded that making terrible investments is better than making merely bad investments. This wasn’t exactly what the study had in mind, but it’s the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from the study. We Continue reading Perverted Logic

EPA Absurdity Infinitum

The EPA has issued regulations that prevent building new coal-fired power plants in the United States. Ostensibly, this is to provide clean-air, but is actually intended to cut CO2 emissions. Totally eliminating coal-fired power plants in the United States would Continue reading EPA Absurdity Infinitum

Alaska’s Oil in Jeopardy

The umbilical cord that brings oil from the North Slope of Alaska to the lower forty-eight and the rest of the world is in danger of being cut. The Trans Alaskan Pipeline System (TAPS) was built to bring oil from Continue reading Alaska’s Oil in Jeopardy

Investment Truths

Improving energy efficiency is an important objective. Equally important is the efficient use of money, a limited economic resource. Improving energy efficiency without regard to cost is not a sound objective, yet this has become the mantra for this administration Continue reading Investment Truths

Will Coal Make a Comeback?

In the article, Do We Have Enough Natural Gas?, published April 12, an estimate was made of how much natural gas would be required to convert 25% or 50% of coal-fired power plants to natural gas. In the 25% scenario, Continue reading Will Coal Make a Comeback?