Texas Remains in Peril

ERCOT Winter Reserve Margin Table

…Texas Remains in Peril… It has been one year since the devastating blackouts in Texas, so it’s time to examine whether Texas is in danger of repeating the disaster. Winterization Winterization was one of the issues raised as a cause Continue reading Texas Remains in Peril

TX and CA: Canaries in the Coal Mine

Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) or Independent System Operator (RTO/ISO)

…TX and CA: Canaries in the Coal Mine… Independent system operators in Texas, i.e, ERCOT, and California, i.e., CAISO, have both recently issued warnings that increased demand for electricity could cause blackouts. Texas experienced devastating blackouts in February, while California Continue reading TX and CA: Canaries in the Coal Mine

Media Launches Texas Counter Attack

Reserve Margin Composition

Texas has suffered terrible consequences as the result of blackouts.

The real reason for the blackouts is that wind and solar are unreliable and shouldn’t be included in reserve margins, but the advocates of wind and solar, with the media’s support, have tried to muddy the waters by pointing to other reasons for the blackouts.
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