Patriots Can Eliminate RFS Mandates

…Patriots Can Eliminate RFS Mandates… More light needs to be focussed on Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS) legislation. It has become a major farm subsidy that lacks merit. It’s riddled with corruption and possible fraud in the use of Renewable Identification Continue reading Patriots Can Eliminate RFS Mandates

Failure of Historic Proportions

…Failure of Historic Proportions… Cellulosic ethanol is a failure of historic proportions, in terms of misinformation, media complicity, money wasted and the involvement of politicians. Cellulosic ethanol was, among other things, supposed to: Eliminate dependence on foreign oil Reduce greenhouse Continue reading Failure of Historic Proportions

Devastating Fuel Economy Standards

A $2.2 billion curse on the American economy. This is the estimated cost to refiners for having to comply with the government’s program forcing renewable fuels on Americans. This cost to refiners for buying RINs (Renewable Identification Numbers) is actually Continue reading Devastating Fuel Economy Standards

Now, Environmentalists Oppose Corn Ethanol

In a dramatic reversal, environmentalists now oppose ethanol produced from corn. Groups such as Friends of the Earth, The Environmental Working Group and the National Wildlife Federation now say that producing ethanol from corn generates more greenhouse gasses than does Continue reading Now, Environmentalists Oppose Corn Ethanol

Buying RINs Cheaper than Ethanol

Congress mandated the amount of biofuels that must be included in gasoline and diesel fuel. “Refiners, blenders, and importers can meet their obligations by either selling required biofuel volumes or purchasing RINs from parties that exceed their requirements.” This year, Continue reading Buying RINs Cheaper than Ethanol

A Pipe Dream

Cellulosic ethanol has been a pipe dream from the very beginning. Cellulosic ethanol started to receive media attention around 2002. Iogen, an early proponent of cellulosic ethanol, completed its first demonstration plant in 2001. Now, having found the North American Continue reading A Pipe Dream