Ethanol 15%

Biofuel policy has been a field of dreams, where government policy mandated the use of a product that didn’t exist. The EPA insisted that companies obtain waivers in the form of RINs, at a cost of millions of dollars, when Continue reading Ethanol 15%

Best and Worst in Energy Arena

We are only a few years into the 21st century, but already there are important hits and misses, or successes and failures in the energy arena. In view of the media frenzy surrounding energy, it might be interesting to review Continue reading Best and Worst in Energy Arena

High Gasoline Prices and RINs

By now, most people realize that putting corn, a food, into the gas tank is immoral. It’s also a terrible economic policy that steals money from consumers … money that could be used to pay every day expenses or be Continue reading High Gasoline Prices and RINs

Biofuel Promises

Many promises have been made concerning biofuels, but can those promises be kept? Periodically some type of biofuel is splashed across the headlines. Algae was the darling of the media a few months ago. Earlier it was all about cellulosic Continue reading Biofuel Promises

Assessing Energy Policy

As the year ends and we look forward to 2013, it’s time to assess the extent to which fear of CO2 induced global warming is affecting energy policy. It’s probably also worthwhile looking at the latest thoughts concerning CO2 emissions. Continue reading Assessing Energy Policy

Forcing Ethanol Down American Throats

Several events happened on the way to the glorious future of biofuels. First, there has been a failure to develop cellulosic ethanol, i.e., ethanol made from non-food sources such as corn stover and switchgrass. Next, the United States is using Continue reading Forcing Ethanol Down American Throats