VP Biden in Europe Supports Fracking

Speaking in Stockholm, Vice President Biden warned Europe against the proposed Nord Stream-2 pipeline that would bring more Russian gas to Germany. The existing 745-mile long underwater Nord Stream Pipeline, under the Baltic, brings large quantities of Russian natural gas Continue reading VP Biden in Europe Supports Fracking

Storing Electricity as Hydrogen

Wind and solar advocates are constantly looking for ways to store electricity for use when the wind stops blowing or the sun stops shining. Pumped storage is the traditional method for storing large amounts of energy that can be converted Continue reading Storing Electricity as Hydrogen

Europe’s Environmental Disaster

It’s not the floods or any other natural disaster. It’s a self-inflicted disaster, caused by trying to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050. Even Germany is beginning to realize that it can’t continue to support renewable energy. The accompanying chart Continue reading Europe’s Environmental Disaster

Oil Abundance and US Mideast Involvement

It’s now reasonably certain that North America can become self sufficient in energy by 2020. Self sufficiency in oil, natural gas and coal production, greatly benefits the United States, but it doesn’t necessarily achieve energy independence. The United States benefits from self Continue reading Oil Abundance and US Mideast Involvement

Dangerous and Fool Hardy 2

The armed forces shouldn’t be used as a laboratory for experimenting with methods for cutting Green House Gas emissions (GHG). In spite of this, the Secretary of the Navy Mabus persists in his efforts to create a “green fleet”. Now Continue reading Dangerous and Fool Hardy 2

EPA’s Sustainability Gambit

The EPA paid the National Academy of Science (NAS) $700,000 to determine how to integrate sustainability as one of the key drivers within the regulatory responsibilities of the EPA. Adopting sustainability as a key driver would have an enormous effect Continue reading EPA’s Sustainability Gambit