Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy

…Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy… President Trump chastised Germany for its reliance on Russian natural gas, and the building of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Germany is highly dependent on imports for its energy, especially as it gets rid Continue reading Europe’s Dependence on Russia for Energy

Europe’s High Cost of Renewables

In its quest to cut CO2 emissions, Europe has promoted the adoption of wind and solar to replace fossil fuels. This has resulted in a large increase in electricity rates for Europeans. The first chart shows the change in electricity Continue reading Europe’s High Cost of Renewables

Avoiding The European Trap

European energy policy has made Europe dependent on foreign energy, for both oil and natural gas. Europe relies heavily on oil imports from Russia, Africa and the Mideast, while producing only around 20% of its oil supply, primarily from Norway Continue reading Avoiding The European Trap

Fracking Benefits America

The media continues to publish stories denigrating fracking. My local paper has published three anti-fracking AP articles in the past few days. While a few people have been disturbed by drilling near their homes, fracking has not caused any important Continue reading Fracking Benefits America

It’s Fitting for the U.S. to Use More Energy

The Wall Street Journal recently had a special section on energy, in which it quoted Vaclav Smil saying, “You people [Americans] consume about 320 gigajoules of energy per capita. Japan and the rich countries in the EU are about 170. Continue reading It’s Fitting for the U.S. to Use More Energy

Exporting Natural Gas Update

Earlier articles in this series include: Do We Have Enough Natural Gas?  4/12/13 Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates 6/1/13 Exporting Natural Gas  6/14/13 In general, these articles established that the United States had ample supplies of natural gas for export, as Continue reading Exporting Natural Gas Update