It’s Fitting for the U.S. to Use More Energy

The Wall Street Journal recently had a special section on energy, in which it quoted Vaclav Smil saying, “You people [Americans] consume about 320 gigajoules of energy per capita. Japan and the rich countries in the EU are about 170. Continue reading It’s Fitting for the U.S. to Use More Energy

Exporting Natural Gas Update

Earlier articles in this series include: Do We Have Enough Natural Gas?  4/12/13 Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates 6/1/13 Exporting Natural Gas  6/14/13 In general, these articles established that the United States had ample supplies of natural gas for export, as Continue reading Exporting Natural Gas Update

End of Civilization as We Know It Part 2

While a terrorist attack on the grid or a Carrington Event would cause devastation, the ultimate effect would vary because of how the grid is organized, together with the extent of damage caused by the attack or event. The grid Continue reading End of Civilization as We Know It Part 2

Another Peak Oil Fad, Part 1

For 70 years, environmentalists have predicted the world would see diminishing supplies of oil after reaching a peak in production. The peak never occurred and the peak oil fantasy has been put to bed, at least for the foreseeable future, Continue reading Another Peak Oil Fad, Part 1

Europe’s Environmental Disaster

It’s not the floods or any other natural disaster. It’s a self-inflicted disaster, caused by trying to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050. Even Germany is beginning to realize that it can’t continue to support renewable energy. The accompanying chart Continue reading Europe’s Environmental Disaster