Pipelines Required For CCS

While the ability to capture CO2 from coal-fired and natural gas power plants remains under investigation, and the ability to store CO2 underground remains in doubt, people are now looking at what it would take to transport the CO2 from Continue reading Pipelines Required For CCS

Fracking: The U.S., Russia and Europe

Three years ago it was believed the U.S. was running out of natural gas. Prices for natural gas were as high as $14 per million btu in 2006. Homeowners were being hurt by the high cost of natural gas. There Continue reading Fracking: The U.S., Russia and Europe

Fracking has International Implications

The world is looking at fracking to see how it has revolutionized natural gas production in the United States. There may, for example, be large reserves of natural gas locked in shale in Europe. Poland, Germany, Hungary and Romania are Continue reading Fracking has International Implications