Corporate Cowards Hang Separately

Exxon recently began to aggressively support a carbon tax. Admittedly, Exxon has been the target of radical environmentalists, and even of state AGs who have subpoenaed Exxon while accusing it of fraud. Exxon’s motive in promoting a carbon tax may Continue reading Corporate Cowards Hang Separately

Another Peak Oil Fad, Part 1

For 70 years, environmentalists have predicted the world would see diminishing supplies of oil after reaching a peak in production. The peak never occurred and the peak oil fantasy has been put to bed, at least for the foreseeable future, Continue reading Another Peak Oil Fad, Part 1

Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Whenever anyone questions whether wind power and other renewables, such as solar, should get subsidies, the proponents of wind and solar respond by saying fossil fuels get larger subsidies than renewables. Let’s sort out the facts as best we can. Continue reading Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Religion or Science

I don’t normally write about global warming, but the energy policy of the United States is being adversely influenced by people who believe that CO2 is causing global warming. Targeting a cut in CO2 emissions is distorting energy policies, and Continue reading Religion or Science

Fracking: The U.S., Russia and Europe

Three years ago it was believed the U.S. was running out of natural gas. Prices for natural gas were as high as $14 per million btu in 2006. Homeowners were being hurt by the high cost of natural gas. There Continue reading Fracking: The U.S., Russia and Europe

China’s Energy Strategy?

China is worth thinking about as we consider our energy and deficit-reduction plans. China needs more energy as it strives to modernize the country. It’s buying resources around the world: in Canada, in Asia and in Africa. Of potential military Continue reading China’s Energy Strategy?