Paying Money for Nothing

Not many people want to pay good money for nothing, but a relatively new business has the organizations operating your grid doing just that. Grid operators are paying for negawatts. Negawatts are watts that don’t exist, but an overzealous approach Continue reading Paying Money for Nothing

Getting Paid for NegaWatts

The supreme court recently held that a FERC rule requiring utilities to pay large customers for not using electricity was legal. While FERC may have acted legally, the concept of paying a customer for not using electricity defies common sense. Continue reading Getting Paid for NegaWatts

Preparing For A Carrington Event

The physical security of the grid has become an important issue. It’s also emerging as a bureaucratic football, with little action taking place. The attack on the Metcalf substation in California was a wakeup call that homegrown terrorists could bring Continue reading Preparing For A Carrington Event

Good News For The Grid

The federal D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals reigned in the use of Negawatts by nullifying a 2011 order by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) allowing regional transmission operators to pay for Negawatts1. Negawatts is a play on Megawatts. Paying Continue reading Good News For The Grid

Exporting Natural Gas Update

Earlier articles in this series include: Do We Have Enough Natural Gas?  4/12/13 Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates 6/1/13 Exporting Natural Gas  6/14/13 In general, these articles established that the United States had ample supplies of natural gas for export, as Continue reading Exporting Natural Gas Update

Dangerous Negawatts

The left, in its efforts to use unreliable wind and solar on the grid, has coined a new term: negawatts, a play on megawatts. A distributed generation system is needed for wind and solar, especially where individuals can sell power Continue reading Dangerous Negawatts