ESG and Energy Security

…ESG and Energy Security… Three previous articles exposed an international effort to impose sustainability standards on the United States. The three articles examined the potential effects of incorporating climate change and sustainability measurements in audited financial statements. (Links to these Continue reading ESG and Energy Security

Fossil Fuels are Essential For Modern Living

Renewables are the rage, but they can’t exist without fossil fuels. In fact, not much of anything that exists as part of our modern lives can exist without fossil fuels. In short, renewables are worse than a myth, they are Continue reading Fossil Fuels are Essential For Modern Living

Remarkable Air Quality Improvements

The administration’s promotion of its Clean Power Plan (CPP) relies heavily, in addition to an over emphasis on disasters supposedly attributable to CO2 emissions, on the possible health benefits of the plan. This is to be expected since the CPP Continue reading Remarkable Air Quality Improvements