Water and Fracking

…Water and Fracking… Water is back in the news for two reasons. First, the amount of water used and extracted from wells has increased the probability of earthquakes. Second, the possibility of water shortages has raised concerns about the availability Continue reading Water and Fracking

Saudi Arabia Capitulates

In August 2015, Saudi Arabia declared war on shale oil development in the United States. In October 2016, Saudi Arabia capitulated. As in any conflict, there have been casualties. Perhaps 60 U.S. drilling companies have declared bankruptcy. Stock prices of Continue reading Saudi Arabia Capitulates

VP Biden in Europe Supports Fracking

Speaking in Stockholm, Vice President Biden warned Europe against the proposed Nord Stream-2 pipeline that would bring more Russian gas to Germany. The existing 745-mile long underwater Nord Stream Pipeline, under the Baltic, brings large quantities of Russian natural gas Continue reading VP Biden in Europe Supports Fracking

Censorship at Colleges

What’s being taught in colleges and universities about energy and energy issues? This is the third article on this subject. While the previous two articles discussed college professors in general, and the Great Courses specifically, this will highlight professors at Continue reading Censorship at Colleges

Wall Street Journal Drinks Kool-Aid

An article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) misleads readers into thinking wind provides cheap electricity. Texas is an ideal location for the use of wind and solar for generating electricity, perhaps one of the best areas in the country. Continue reading Wall Street Journal Drinks Kool-Aid