The Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles, Part 2

We now know the cost of producing and delivering hydrogen for use in Fuel Cell vehicles(FCVs) is exorbitant, and should preclude the use of FCVs. See Part 1. But what about the cost of manufacturing FCVs? Could they become competitive Continue reading The Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles, Part 2

Role of Combined Heat Power

Environmental organizations repeatedly attempt to deride the efficiency of existing power plants and promote the use of combined heat and power (CHP). Some radical environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, claim that CHP has en efficiency of over 90%. Greenpeace makes Continue reading Role of Combined Heat Power

Hydrogen Conundrum

Hyundai has just released a new hydrogen-powered car in New Zealand – the ix35 Fuel Cell SUV. It emits water from its tail pipe, so why isn’t it on the front burner for environmentalists? Right now, environmentalists are focused on battery-powered vehicles, Continue reading Hydrogen Conundrum

Assessing Transportation Fuels

It’s possible to say the race is on, but perhaps it’s already finished. Dividing vehicles into three segments and then comparing fuel types allows for some quick conclusions. First, heavy-duty, long-haul highway trucks Second, busses, local delivery trucks and other Continue reading Assessing Transportation Fuels