The Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles, Part 2

We now know the cost of producing and delivering hydrogen for use in Fuel Cell vehicles(FCVs) is exorbitant, and should preclude the use of FCVs. See Part 1. But what about the cost of manufacturing FCVs? Could they become competitive Continue reading The Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles, Part 2

Buying RINs Cheaper than Ethanol

Congress mandated the amount of biofuels that must be included in gasoline and diesel fuel. “Refiners, blenders, and importers can meet their obligations by either selling required biofuel volumes or purchasing RINs from parties that exceed their requirements.” This year, Continue reading Buying RINs Cheaper than Ethanol

CHP Creates More Energy Confusion

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is mentioned in the EPA’s proposal to cut CO2 emissions 30%, as a possible approach for achieving improved energy efficiency. But how does CHP improve energy efficiency, and if so by how much. Some radical Continue reading CHP Creates More Energy Confusion

Electric Vehicle Update

BEV, PHEV and plain HEV sales, in 2013, are shown here. US Sales of Electric Vehicles, Including HEVs   Month Hybrid (HEVs) PHEVs & Extended Range Vehicles Battery (BEVs) Totals January 34,611 2,354 2,022 38,987 February 40,173 2,789 2,616 45,578 Continue reading Electric Vehicle Update

New Year, New Buzz

The year, as usual, started with new buzz about electric vehicles, specifically about using hydrogen for fuel. Thus the headline in the McClatchy Tribune: “The buzz in electric cars is fuel-cell technology.” While the concept of fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) Continue reading New Year, New Buzz