Saudi Arabia’s Changing Oil Equation

For decades since the 1960s, Saudi Arabia has been able to manage the price of oil. It has had the ability, for the most part, to cut production to maintain higher prices, or increase production to maintain lower prices. It Continue reading Saudi Arabia’s Changing Oil Equation

It’s Only the Beginning

The EPA has proposed the following rules for CO2 emissions1: For coal-fired power plants, including Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC), 1,100 pounds CO2 per MWh. For Large natural gas power plants, 1,000 pounds per MWh, and 1,100 pounds per MWh Continue reading It’s Only the Beginning

Hydrogen Conundrum

Hyundai has just released a new hydrogen-powered car in New Zealand – the ix35 Fuel Cell SUV. It emits water from its tail pipe, so why isn’t it on the front burner for environmentalists? Right now, environmentalists are focused on battery-powered vehicles, Continue reading Hydrogen Conundrum