Hot Rocks and Fracking

Electricity has been produced successfully from geothermal sources for decades. Perhaps, the first successful geothermal power plant was in Larderello, Italy in 1911. Today, in the United States, there are successful geothermal power plants in California and Nevada. The potential Continue reading Hot Rocks and Fracking

Geothermal Revisited

Enhanced Geothermal, referred to as hot rocks geothermal, or simply hot rocks, has been studied by MIT, but abandoned in Australia and Switzerland. Periodically, an attempt is made to resurrect hot rocks for use in generating electricity. The McClatchy Tribune Continue reading Geothermal Revisited

Geothermal Power

Approximately 20 geothermal plants in the United States have a combined nameplate rating of 3,421 MW or 0.3% (three tenths of one percent) of total US power generation capacity (1,121,686 MW). It’s believed that geothermal resources currently identified in the Continue reading Geothermal Power