Americans Have Been Lied To

Minerals Used in Clean Energy from IEA

…Americans Have Been Lied To… There is no climate crisis, but there is a political crisis. Lie after lie has been crammed down the throats of Americans by climate alarmists and leftist politicians, supported by the media. Their objective is Continue reading Americans Have Been Lied To

Temperature Records

Percentage of Days above 95.0F (35.0C)

There has been an unending stream of media reports about how the last few years have been the warmest on record.

They gloss over that they are only referring to the last 150 years, because temperatures have been higher than today on several occasions over the past 10,000 years, a period between glaciations know as the Holocene.
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A Quiz for getting through the Fog

A friend stopped by the other day. He wanted to talk, and was obviously upset. 

He began by saying he was frustrated by people who wouldn’t discuss climate change, especially young members of his family.

It was as though they were catatonic. Their eyes would glaze over when he mentioned facts that contradicted the media’s constant harangue about catastrophic climate change. Continue reading A Quiz for getting through the Fog

Homeowners Beware of Climate Change Regulations

HR 2454

The UK’s Climate Change Committee published its “Sixth Carbon Budget” that included energy efficiency requirements for homes. These requirements included:

“A proposal that the sale of properties be banned from 2028 unless they score at least a grade C in an energy performance certificate (EPC)”.

Reportedly, this would make millions of UK homes unsalable because they could not meet the mandatory standards. Continue reading Homeowners Beware of Climate Change Regulations

Why the IPCC Models are Wrong

…Why the IPCC Models are Wrong… Virtually all of the IPCC’s 102 computer models have predicted there would be a hot spot in the atmosphere in the tropics, between 20 degrees S and 20 degrees N latitudes. The hot spot Continue reading Why the IPCC Models are Wrong