Lessons from Regensburg

…Lessons from Regensburg… My visit to the BMW factory in Regensburg Germany confirmed that the factory of the future had arrived. See, Manufacturing a Car is Easy There is no need for a government-mandated “50 state solution” for a National Continue reading Lessons from Regensburg

Government Motors Lives Up to its Name

…Government Motors Lives Up to its Name… Saved by the government during the last economic crash, GM again turns to the government for help. This time they want to saddle the public with a National Zero Emissions Vehicle (NZEV) program Continue reading Government Motors Lives Up to its Name

Electric Vehicle Sales Report

…Electric Vehicle Sales Report… The following table shows vehicle sales for Hybrids, PHEVs and BEVs for the first half of 2017. Quick takeaways: Sales of all three categories increased in the second quarter: PHEVs by the largest percentage, i.e., 21%, Continue reading Electric Vehicle Sales Report

Battery Powered Vehicles Lagging

First quarter sales of EVs and PHEVs were a mixed bag, and nothing to brag about. US Sales of Electric Vehicles, Including HEVs 2015 Month Hybrid (HEVs) PHEVs  Battery (BEVs) Totals PHEV & BEV January 25,312 2,113 3,977 31,402 6,090 Continue reading Battery Powered Vehicles Lagging

Tesla as David vs Goliath

Every large company should be deathly afraid of the small upstart. History is replete with the little company developing a product that ends the lifecycle of an existing product, and which sometimes destroys an existing company. It is a phenomenon Continue reading Tesla as David vs Goliath