An American-Canadian Treasure

An American-Canadian Treasure   The Great Lakes have one of the longest hydrographic records in North America. It’s amusing, but also tragic, to see how the National Geographic magazine has attempted to use the Great Lakes in its efforts to Continue reading An American-Canadian Treasure

Water: The Next Scapegoat, Pt 2

On at least two occasions, the National Geographic Magazine has published stories about water levels in the Great Lakes, attempting to establish that global warming was a threat, and that water usage should be curtailed. Here’s a quote from the Continue reading Water: The Next Scapegoat, Pt 2

Has National Geographic Sullied Its Reputation?

Prior to forty or so years ago, the National Geographic magazine was a respected publication. As a student, I used to refer to the National Geographic for accurate information on historic events, people and geography. Today, it is becoming just Continue reading Has National Geographic Sullied Its Reputation?

Great Lake Water Levels

Water levels in the Great Lakes have been the subject of scare stories about global warming for years. Not too long ago, the National Geographic Magazine used Great Lake water levels to highlight global warming. Fortunately, the National Oceanic and Continue reading Great Lake Water Levels