Lurching Left

…Lurching Left… The Wall Street Journal maintains a conservative opinion page, but the main section, or news section, of the paper, is lurching left. Some recent examples establish this leftward trend as fact. Airline CO2 emissions An article on February Continue reading Lurching Left

Not so independent IEA

…Not so independent IEA… The International Energy Agency (IEA) has, until recently, been viewed as an objective forecaster of oil and energy supply and demand.  Power Magazine, for example, said, “Paris based IEA is an autonomous organization” inferring objectivity. In Continue reading Not so independent IEA

Magical Hybrids

The term hybrid became popular a few years ago with the introduction of the Prius, a vehicle that used a combined mechanical, i.e., internal combustion engine (ICE), and electrical power train. It rapidly became seen as denoting green. Now, the Continue reading Magical Hybrids

Tax Payer Dollars Given To Green Climate Fund

The UNFCCC Green Climate Fund was established at COP 16, as described here on the UNFCCC web site: “At COP 16, Parties, in decision 1/CP.16, established a Green Climate Fund (GCF) as an operating entity of the Financial Mechanism of Continue reading Tax Payer Dollars Given To Green Climate Fund

High Gasoline Prices and RINs

By now, most people realize that putting corn, a food, into the gas tank is immoral. It’s also a terrible economic policy that steals money from consumers … money that could be used to pay every day expenses or be Continue reading High Gasoline Prices and RINs

More Costs and Higher Prices

Renewables, such as wind and solar, generate electricity intermittently, where it’s impossible to predict when the wind will stop blowing or the sun will be clouded over. The need for costly back-up power is well documented. Not so obvious is Continue reading More Costs and Higher Prices