Ocean Acidification is a Ploy to Scare People

One of the founders of Greenpeace has published a paper clearly demonstrating that ocean acidification is merely a tactic being used by environmental extremists to scare people into believing that CO2 emissions could cause the oceans to become acidic and, Continue reading Ocean Acidification is a Ploy to Scare People

Role of Combined Heat Power

Environmental organizations repeatedly attempt to deride the efficiency of existing power plants and promote the use of combined heat and power (CHP). Some radical environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, claim that CHP has en efficiency of over 90%. Greenpeace makes Continue reading Role of Combined Heat Power

Environmentalists Discredited

Should environmental organizations be trusted? Two recent events confirm the worst about these organizations. Not satisfied with their past discredited efforts against fossil fuels, Greenpeace vandalized the historic Nazca site in Peru, where they caused irreparable damage. Their actions prove Continue reading Environmentalists Discredited

Geothermal Revisited

Enhanced Geothermal, referred to as hot rocks geothermal, or simply hot rocks, has been studied by MIT, but abandoned in Australia and Switzerland. Periodically, an attempt is made to resurrect hot rocks for use in generating electricity. The McClatchy Tribune Continue reading Geothermal Revisited

Destruction of America’s Nuclear Industry

There was a time, not too long ago, that America’s nuclear industry was probably the most important, and viable, in the world. Today, it’s a dying industry, but why? In the mid 1960s, GE bet the company by making huge Continue reading Destruction of America’s Nuclear Industry