Few Radiation Problems from Fukushima

We now have had three nuclear disasters, with, for the most part, little effect on people from radiation. The latest report from the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effect of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) says that radiation from the Fukushima Continue reading Few Radiation Problems from Fukushima

Distorted Energy Efficiency Assertions

Extreme environmental organizations preach that the United States lags in energy efficiency and that the United States could improve energy efficiency by as much as 40%. Organizations such as the Sierra Club, Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), Greenpeace and the Continue reading Distorted Energy Efficiency Assertions

CHP: Progress or Regression?

A major misconception about Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is that people believe its efficiency is far greater than other methods for generating electricity. Efficiencies of over 90% are claimed for CHP, but these are misleading. CHP uses the exhaust Continue reading CHP: Progress or Regression?

Fukushima Radiation

Fukushima was the world’s largest nuclear power accident with all four reactors probably experiencing a meltdown, the kind of event where extremists said the melted reactor rods would melt through the bottom of the reactor to create a nuclear disaster. Continue reading Fukushima Radiation

Destroy Canada’s Oil Industry

Environmentalists are doing their best to destroy Canada’s oil industry. Canada’s oil industry is based primarily on tar sands (i.e., oil sands), where Canada has a supply of oil that rivals Saudi Arabia’s. Extracting the oil from tar sands requires Continue reading Destroy Canada’s Oil Industry

Green Irrationality

The so-called Green movement has captured people’s attention, yet the movement hasn’t received much objective reporting by the media. It seems as though if it’s green, it’s good. But is green always good? When you look objectively at the Green Continue reading Green Irrationality