Proof: CO2 is Not a Threat

Planck & Schwarzchild Curves

…Proof: CO2 is Not a Threat… Americans have been lied to about CO2 being an existential threat to mankind. See, Americans Have Been Lied To  Here is scientific proof that CO2 is not a threat. First, Dr. John Cristy, in Continue reading Proof: CO2 is Not a Threat

Dr Happer Explains Effects of CO2

During daylight hours, the Sun heats the Earth.

PowerForUSA has referenced the Happer and Wijngaarden paper, Dependence of Earth’s Thermal Radiation on Five Most Abundant Greenhouse Gases, in several articles.

Questions about the paper demand a fuller explanation, and Dr. Happer, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Princeton University, has now released a more detailed explanation of how CO2 affects temperatures. It is included here in its entirety.
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