Hydropower is Still Very Relevant

…Hydropower is Still Very Relevant… Hydropower is the largest source of renewable energy and produces 16% of the world’s renewable electricity with over 1,600 GW of installed capacity.  Chart from International Hydropower Association China has the largest installed hydropower capacity, Continue reading Hydropower is Still Very Relevant

“Big Hydro Power Win”

…“Big Hydro Power Win”… Greenwire reported “Greens score big win over Alabama hydropower project” as environmental groups obtain a favorable ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The court said that FERC failed to Continue reading “Big Hydro Power Win”

Hydro Power, Real Renewable Energy

There are 54,000 dams in the United States, higher than 5 Ft., which are not currently equipped to generate electricity. The Department of Energy (DOE) determined that these non-powered dams (NPDs) could provide 12,000 MW of generating capacity. A mere Continue reading Hydro Power, Real Renewable Energy

Can Coal be Dumped?

The Province of Ontario, Canada has virtually eliminated the use of coal for power generation. Could the United States do the same? Before addressing that question, here is the electricity generation mix for Ontario, Canada1 for 2012. Table 1 Method Continue reading Can Coal be Dumped?

The Best Energy Policy

A recent House Committee1 hearing discussed diversity in electricity supply. Perhaps the most important aspect of the hearing was the chart showing how the mix of fuels used for power generation varied around the country. Without reading all the captions, Continue reading The Best Energy Policy

Operations at the Three Gorges Dam

When construction began, it was believed that the dam would provide up to 10% of China’s demand for electricity. Fully operational this year, the dam is actually providing less than 2% of China’s electricity. The completed dam is shown here, Continue reading Operations at the Three Gorges Dam