Hydrogen’s Spectrum of Colors

Hydrogen color spectrum

…Hydrogen’s Spectrum of Colors… When hydrogen was initially seen as a way to achieve net zero carbon, a short list of colors was established to distinguish the various methods for generating hydrogen. Grey indicated the hydrogen was made from natural Continue reading Hydrogen’s Spectrum of Colors

Revisiting Hydrogen and the Hindenburg

Hindenburg Fire

…Revisiting Hydrogen and the Hindenburg… It has long been believed that the doping on the skin of the Hindenburg is what created the flash fire and destruction of the air-ship. A recent report on hydrogen by the Global Warming Policy Continue reading Revisiting Hydrogen and the Hindenburg

Water Required to Produce Hydrogen

Central Arizona Project photo

…Water Required to Produce Hydrogen… Here is additional information about Hydrogen and Climate Change. The special report explained that hydrogen is to be made using electrolysis, but didn’t establish how much water would be required each year for making all Continue reading Water Required to Produce Hydrogen

Special Report on Hydrogen

special report: hydrogen and climate change

…Special Report on Hydrogen… While other companies and organizations are charging over $1,000 to attend their conferences on Hydrogen, this free report will allow Americans to obtain 99% of the information they need to understand hydrogen and its role in Continue reading Special Report on Hydrogen

The Hydrogen Hustle

Hydrogen Periodic Table

…The Hydrogen Hustle… Hydrogen is suddenly center stage in the climate debate, and is capturing a disproportionate number of media headlines.  Hydrogen is being offered as the solution for eliminating CO2 emissions. For example, hydrogen is critical for eliminating CO2 Continue reading The Hydrogen Hustle

Making Climate Friendly Steel


Producing steel and cement result in large CO2 emissions. The steel industry accounts for 7% of worldwide CO2 emissions, while producing cement accounts for 5%.

Can steel be climate friendly?
Continue reading Making Climate Friendly Steel