Crisis in the Mideast, a novel

…Announcing, Crisis in the Mideast, a novel… Crisis in the Mideast is a novel. It’s fiction that uses facts for the basis of actions and settings to create a sense of realism. Short Description An Iranian sponsored terrorist attack kills Continue reading Crisis in the Mideast, a novel

What next for shale?

“In August 2015, Saudi Arabia declared war on shale oil development in the United States.” “In October 2016, Saudi Arabia capitulated.” Quote from, Saudi Arabia Capitulates. This has now been confirmed by an agreement among OPEC producers to cut production Continue reading What next for shale?

Have the Saudis Opened Pandora’s Box?

In February, 1945, the ruler of an impoverished country, King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, met with the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, President Roosevelt. The meeting took place aboard the cruiser USS Quincy in the Great Continue reading Have the Saudis Opened Pandora’s Box?

Shale Oil Revolution Continues

Companies in the United States who are drilling for shale oil have had to respond to the sudden low price of oil. Saudi Arabia decided to maintain production rather than cut production to maintain the price of oil, and this Continue reading Shale Oil Revolution Continues

Keeping an Eye on Mideast Oil

The resurgence of radical Islamist terror, as ISIS or ISIL, could represent a threat to Mideast oil. (ISIL refers to the Levant, an area encompassing Lebanon and those around it in the eastern Mediterranean.) What are some of the factors Continue reading Keeping an Eye on Mideast Oil