Fusion Power

…Fusion Power… Generating electricity from fusion rather than fission of atoms has been a dream ever since the first hydrogen bomb was exploded. What was originally seen as an easily solvable scientific problem, i.e., how to control the plasma, has Continue reading Fusion Power

Nuclear Fusion Activity

For 60 years, scientists have been pursuing the dream of low cost energy using nuclear fusion. For the past 30 years, scientists from 35 nations have been focused on ITER, a project in southern France that is building the world’s Continue reading Nuclear Fusion Activity

Implications of Fusion Power

The hype accompanying the Lockheed announcement of its fusion power development distorted the potential benefits of fusion power. There is no question that fusion power has great potential, and could be the primary source of electricity when other power generation Continue reading Implications of Fusion Power

Extraordinary Potential of Fusion

Lockheed Martin made an astonishing claim on October 15, that they had developed an approach that would make energy from fusion a reality in the next decade or so. Fusion has long been the Holy Grail of nuclear physics. The Continue reading Extraordinary Potential of Fusion