Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates

The article, Do We Have Enough Natural Gas?, established that the United States has technically recoverable reserves that will last for decades, even with increased usage for coal to gas switching and some LNG exports. The question remains whether LNG Continue reading Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates

China’s Claims to South China Sea

China has long considered the South China Sea as one of the “near seas”, which form a core strategic interest. Large reserves of oil and natural gas have been identified in the South China Sea, as well as the East Continue reading China’s Claims to South China Sea

Fukushima Radiation

Fukushima was the world’s largest nuclear power accident with all four reactors probably experiencing a meltdown, the kind of event where extremists said the melted reactor rods would melt through the bottom of the reactor to create a nuclear disaster. Continue reading Fukushima Radiation

Radiation and Nuclear Power

It’s an amazing irony that the only technology that could have any chance of cutting CO2 emissions from the generation of electricity 80% by 2050 is being ostracized by environmentalists. One of their reasons for opposing nuclear power is fear Continue reading Radiation and Nuclear Power

What Killed Nuclear Power?

The knee-jerk response would be the Fukushima disaster. But, just as in the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car”, the answer is not so simple. Germany did decide to kill the nuclear industry after Fukushima, but Germany may be the Continue reading What Killed Nuclear Power?