Radiation Fears

Radiation is no more sinister than water. One major difference is that we can see water, while radiation has to be measured with instruments. Radiation comes from the rocks in the ground and from space. We are surrounded by radiation Continue reading Radiation Fears

Fallout from Japan

While there is hysteria over radiation from Japan reaching the United States, the real fallout could be the effect of Japan’s nuclear accident on the nuclear industry in the United States. It’s very possible that only two or three new Continue reading Fallout from Japan

Nuclear Failure in Japan

I have said nothing until now about the Fukushima failures, because there were too many unknowns. Making predictions without all the facts is the province of the media, including FOX. Geraldo Rivera’s mindless and reckless program on FOX was, in Continue reading Nuclear Failure in Japan

U.S. Strategic Manufacturing Deficiencies

As noted in a recent edition of the American Legion magazine, President Eisenhower’s years of training in logistics and as Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force (SCAEF) resulted in his recognizing the importance of a strong economy in maintaining strategic preparedness. Continue reading U.S. Strategic Manufacturing Deficiencies