Radicals Against Natural Gas

For years, radical environmentalists have been against the Keystone pipeline, because it would transport oil from Canadian, Tar Sands where, they claim, more CO2 is emitted during the production of oil than from traditional methods. They have been against fracking, Continue reading Radicals Against Natural Gas


Environmentalists, and their cohorts in the media, blast away at the keystone pipeline, because it will transport Canadian tar sands crude into the United States. They repeatedly say producing oil from the tar sands will release CO2 into the atmosphere. Continue reading Pipelines

Canada, Friend or Foe, Redux

Two years ago, my article, Canada, Friend or Foe, explained why environmentalists were campaigning to stop the development of Canada’s tar sands. Simply stated, it was because CO2 is emitted during the production of oil from tar sands. Once again, we Continue reading Canada, Friend or Foe, Redux

Looking Ahead to 2013

Critical energy issues loom on the horizon for 2013. Nearly all pertain to potential actions by the Obama administration. Fracking The single most important issue will be how the administration, specifically the EPA, deals with fracking. Until now, the states Continue reading Looking Ahead to 2013

Energy Independence from Fracking

Many experts are now joining the chorus of those who predict North America could become energy independent within ten years. This became evident at recent Congressional hearings. Notable examples of what was told Congress include, The United States has already Continue reading Energy Independence from Fracking

Canadian Oil For China

About 99% of Canadian oil exports are to the United States, but current U.S. policies are forcing Canada to build a $5.5 billion pipeline to Kitimat in British Columbia so that it can ship its oil to China. Environmentalists are Continue reading Canadian Oil For China