Picking and Choosing

…Picking and Choosing… It’s been interesting to read all the glowing stories about how renewables are competitive with coal and natural gas power plants.  Here is a headline from Forbes: “Production Cost Of Renewable Energy Now ‘Lower’ Than Fossil Fuels” Continue reading Picking and Choosing

Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?

…Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?… Recently the media has reported that wind and solar were competitive with coal and natural gas for generating electricity. The Wall Street Journal, for example, published an article with a headline, Economic impact of Continue reading Misleading Costs for Wind and Solar?

Wind Power, Eating the Seed Corn

In the past, farmers had to save enough corn from the current year’s crop to provide the seed for next year’s crop. Today, large companies, such as Monsanto, produce the seed corn that’s sold to farmers for each new crop. Continue reading Wind Power, Eating the Seed Corn

Boring, But Important LCOEs

Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) is what excites engineers and economists, and bores most other people, but can have profound effects on Americans. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes LCOEs for various methods of generating electricity, such as for coal Continue reading Boring, But Important LCOEs

Information References

Many articles include references to specific terminology that may not always be readily understood. This holiday week seemed to be a good place to identify some of these terms so that they can be readily accessed by establishing a link Continue reading Information References