Only LEDs Can Significantly Cut Electricity Usage

Lighting consumes around 15% of all energy usage in the United States, and nearly a quarter of all electricity usage across all sectors of the United States economy. Only air-conditioning represents a comparable opportunity for reducing electricity usage across all Continue reading Only LEDs Can Significantly Cut Electricity Usage

Energy Efficiency Mirage

It’s fair to say that it’s possible to improve energy efficiency, but it’s also fair to say that improved energy efficiency usually comes at a cost. It’s the costs that organizations promoting energy efficiency like to ignore. Automobiles have improved Continue reading Energy Efficiency Mirage

The Amazing LED

LEDs consume 10% of the electricity used by comparable incandescent bulbs, and radical environmentalists have touted their use while promoting the outlawing of incandescent bulbs. But will LEDs actually result in the use of less electricity? There’s a very strong Continue reading The Amazing LED

Economic Opportunities and Rebates

There is considerable press about large improvements in energy efficiency resulting from utilities, and others, providing rebates for the purchase of energy efficient appliances. These rebates are largely mandated by government. Energy Star appliances, for example, are pushed by Green Continue reading Economic Opportunities and Rebates

The Importance of ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is an objective method for allocating resources. Companies, individuals and families all have limited resources, and using ROI can help those resources be used in the most efficient way possible. Only the government seems to believe Continue reading The Importance of ROI

Best and Worst in Energy Arena

We are only a few years into the 21st century, but already there are important hits and misses, or successes and failures in the energy arena. In view of the media frenzy surrounding energy, it might be interesting to review Continue reading Best and Worst in Energy Arena