America’s LNG Export Potential

LNG Approved Export Terminals not completed till date

…America’s LNG Export Potential… The current status of natural gas production, consumption and exports is in a state of flux brought about by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  How much LNG has the United States exported, and can the US Continue reading America’s LNG Export Potential

Natural Gas Supply and Usage

…Natural Gas Supply and Usage… Four years ago I did a report and article on whether the United States had enough natural gas to meet its needs. The report concluded: “The United States had ample supplies of natural gas that Continue reading Natural Gas Supply and Usage

Stopped Dead in itsTracks

Using natural gas for powering automobiles and trucks has been stopped dead in its tracks by the low price of gasoline and diesel fuel. When Saudi Arabia decided to maintain its output of oil to keep its market share, it Continue reading Stopped Dead in itsTracks

New Age of Natural Gas

While the past century may have been known as the age of coal, this century is likely to be named the age of natural gas. Coal will remain one of the main sources of energy around the world for decades Continue reading New Age of Natural Gas

The War on Methane and Freedom

In 2012, the Sierra Club declared war on natural gas, which is methane. Here is how the Sierra Club portrayed the issue: “Fossil fuels have no part in America’s energy future — coal, oil and natural gas are literally poisoning Continue reading The War on Methane and Freedom

Exporting Natural Gas Update

Earlier articles in this series include: Do We Have Enough Natural Gas?  4/12/13 Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates 6/1/13 Exporting Natural Gas  6/14/13 In general, these articles established that the United States had ample supplies of natural gas for export, as Continue reading Exporting Natural Gas Update