Another Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The title of the Wall Street Journal op-ed was positive, “Make the Most of the U.S. Energy Boom.” One would expect the article to support fracking and increased oil and natural gas production. Instead, it promoted renewables and electric vehicles Continue reading Another Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Another Peak Oil Fad, Part 2

In part 1, it appears as though there will be an excess of supply due to the events in North America. Even the oil minister of Saudi Arabia voiced concern over the unexpected rapid increase in the supply of unconventional Continue reading Another Peak Oil Fad, Part 2

Natural Gas Vehicle Update

(For a complete picture of the use of natural gas in vehicles in the United States, read the 2013, January 29 and February 1, articles on this subject. See Part 1, and Part 2.) While the United States has been Continue reading Natural Gas Vehicle Update

Exporting Natural Gas

Various forces are arrayed against permitting the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG). A few industry sources, primarily DOW Chemical Company, oppose the export of LNG for fear that the price of natural gas will rise to the point where Continue reading Exporting Natural Gas

Gas to Liquids in US

Converting natural gas to liquids, essentially diesel fuel, has been used where natural gas was stranded, such as in Qatar. The Fischer-Tropsch process was originally developed in Germany and, using gasified coal, produced the fuel on which German tanks ran Continue reading Gas to Liquids in US

Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates

The article, Do We Have Enough Natural Gas?, established that the United States has technically recoverable reserves that will last for decades, even with increased usage for coal to gas switching and some LNG exports. The question remains whether LNG Continue reading Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates