WSJ Joins Fake Media

ERCOT Chart of Reserve Margins Published December 2020

Over the past several week the WSJ has published a number of articles promoting the policies of the left, such as the Green New Deal and catastrophic climate change. 

These were in the news portion of the paper, and presumably the Editorial Pages would remain conservative.
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Natural Gas Power Plants – Including Data from Texas

Hourly net generation by energy source

Natural gas combined cycle power plants are more efficient than wind and solar power plants. Nearly twice as many wind turbines must be built to get the same amount of electricity as a natural gas or nuclear power plant.
Natural gas power plants are the least expensive to build.
Natural gas, nuclear and coal-fired power plants are baseload power that provide electricity 24/7 365 days per year.
Texas pipelines replaced efficient small gas turbine compressor stations with electric motors that had power cut off during load shedding.
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Russia Influencing U.S. Energy Decisions

…Russia Influencing U.S. Energy Decisions… Russia gets a lot of media attention, especially as it relates to our elections, but only a few in the media have suggested that Russia is trying to influence US energy decisions. In March, the Continue reading Russia Influencing U.S. Energy Decisions

Natural Gas Is Next Target

…Natural Gas Is Next Target… For those in the oil and gas industry, including the American Petroleum Institute, who are objecting to efforts to keep nuclear power plants in operation, you have a problem. Natural gas is the next target Continue reading Natural Gas Is Next Target

New Concentrating Solar Power Plant

The newly installed Crescent Dunes CSP plant near Tonopah, Nevada, is an important improvement over the ill-fated Ivanpah CSP plant. The Crescent Dunes and Ivanpah Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants use mirrors to focus the sun’s rays onto a heat Continue reading New Concentrating Solar Power Plant

Coal Has a Future

In spite of the media’s constant harangue over the dangers of using coal and this administration’s war on coal, the future of coal isn’t as black as one might think. While most coal is used for power generation, a significant Continue reading Coal Has a Future