Blackouts Threaten New England, Again

…Blackouts Threaten New England, Again… It was only a few years ago, the winter of 2018, that New England was spared from dangerous blackouts by storing oil at key natural gas power plants. Natural gas power plants can burn oil Continue reading Blackouts Threaten New England, Again

The Politics of Energy, Part 1

…The Politics of Energy, Part 1… The United States is blessed with abundant energy resources and can be energy independent if it chooses.  How should the United States use its energy resources in the face of very real threats to Continue reading The Politics of Energy, Part 1

Europe’s Rendezvous with Destiny

…Europe’s Rendezvous with Destiny… Europe’s obsession with eliminating fossil fuels has led it to the brink of disaster. By relying on Russian energy to avoid developing its own, Europe has placed itself at Russia’s mercy. This strategic dependency is now Continue reading Europe’s Rendezvous with Destiny

Replacing Russian Energy

Crude Oil Imports from Russia in million barrels per day

…Replacing Russian Energy… The Russian invasion of the Ukraine has thrust Russia’s energy strategy to the forefront. Which is more strategically important, oil or natural gas? In terms of dollars, oil and natural gas have about the same economic value. Here Continue reading Replacing Russian Energy

EU’s Self Inflicted Wound

Natural gas imports from Russia by EU countries

…EU’s Self Inflicted Wound… EU’s natural gas storage is at 40% of capacity, the lowest in years. As a result, LNG is being imported at the highest price ever, at over $30 per Million BTU, with shipments being diverted from Continue reading EU’s Self Inflicted Wound

Lazard Wind and Solar Costs, Part 2

In Front of the Meter Solar Generation

…Lazard Wind and Solar Costs, Part 2… Part 1 provided a review of Lazard’s methodology for determining LCOEs for land-based wind turbine and solar installations. Conclusions—including new information If an undefined “resource availability” is used to calculate LCOEs, the resulting Continue reading Lazard Wind and Solar Costs, Part 2