Renewables Increase Costs

…Renewables Increase Costs… There has been a running debate about whether the special advantages given to renewables, such as renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and net metering, add to the price consumers pay for electricity. Net metering was introduced to encourage Continue reading Renewables Increase Costs

Save The Grid

There is a cancer eating away at the grid, and it goes by the name, PV rooftop solar. The spread of this disease is facilitated by renewable portfolio standards (RPS), where states require utilities to increase their sale of electricity Continue reading Save The Grid

The Solar-Induced Death Spiral

A Wall Street Journal analyst recently wrote that PV solar installations could result in the demise of the grid, with PV solar thrusting it into a “death spiral” caused by an ever increasing amount of electricity being generated by roof Continue reading The Solar-Induced Death Spiral

Solar Reality

An Arizona Public Service (APS) General Manager spoke the truth about net metering when she said, “[with] net metering, and other rate factors, fewer customers must share these fixed costs, which cause their rates to rise. This spirals until the Continue reading Solar Reality

Feeding at Subsidy Trough

A novel approach for promoting solar on rooftops has emerged in California. It was described in an article in Wired Magazine. Basically, it allows slick entrepreneurs to feed at the government subsidy trough. Unfortunately, there is no economic justification for Continue reading Feeding at Subsidy Trough