Carbon Tax Folly

In his New York Times op-ed, Friedman calls for the imposition of a carbon tax1. Not only is this a terrible idea, but it’s totally unnecessary. At $25 per ton, it could, according to Friedman, raise around $1 trillion over Continue reading Carbon Tax Folly

Capacity Factor and Reality

Capacity Factor is key to understanding the ineffectiveness of the most popular renewables, wind and solar. Power generation equipment, from steam turbines to wind turbines, are assigned nameplate ratings. The nameplate rating defines the amount of electricity a unit, be Continue reading Capacity Factor and Reality

Wind Failure

Once again, investment in wind power has proven to be a failure. This summer the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Texas have experienced higher than usual temperatures which have caused peaks in demand for electricity that grid operators could barely manage. Continue reading Wind Failure

EPA Threatens Grid Reliability

As a follow-up to last Friday’s article on the importance of coal if we are to have an abundant supply of low-cost electricity, it’s important to note that rapid closure of coal-fired power plants could create shortages of electricity and Continue reading EPA Threatens Grid Reliability