EV and PHEV Sales Update

Automobile sales have been gangbusters so far this year: All except EVs and PHEVs. Sales of PHEVs in the first half of 2013 were lower than the second half of 2012. EVs fared better.     PHEV sales EV Sales Continue reading EV and PHEV Sales Update

Hydrogen Conundrum

Hyundai has just released a new hydrogen-powered car in New Zealand – the ix35 Fuel Cell SUV. It emits water from its tail pipe, so why isn’t it on the front burner for environmentalists? Right now, environmentalists are focused on battery-powered vehicles, Continue reading Hydrogen Conundrum

Proponents of EVs and PHEVs are Worried

Last week, Media Matters for America (MMA) published a 6,667-word article, replete with charts and graphs, defending EVs and PHEVs. The article was framed with the headline, Myths And Facts About Electric Cars. The topics, i.e., myths, covered were: Denying That Continue reading Proponents of EVs and PHEVs are Worried

Electric Vehicle Update

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and pure electric vehicles (EVs) are slow out of the starting gate. Through October, total PHEV and EV sales are less than 15,000 vehicles: reportedly 5,003 Volts and 8,048 Leafs. It’s still early, and it’s Continue reading Electric Vehicle Update