Meaningless LCOEs

Proponents of renewables, such as wind and solar, frequently use Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) to demonstrate that wind and solar can generate electricity as inexpensively as coal or natural gas power plants. The unsuspecting person could easily assume this is Continue reading Meaningless LCOEs

Latest on Algae

Periodically a report surfaces, extolling the virtues of algae as a substitute for oil and gasoline. The latest is about Sapphire Energy, a company that is experimenting with algae. It has an algae farm in New Mexico where it claims Continue reading Latest on Algae

Hydrogen from Wind

Germany has undertaken an experiment where wind-generated electricity is used to produce hydrogen which is then inserted into a natural gas pipeline serving an E.ON gas turbine power plant. Electrolysis is used to produce hydrogen from electricity. The electrolysis unit Continue reading Hydrogen from Wind

Another Misleading Report

The Brattle Group proudly issued their report that energy efficiency will result in a 5% to 15% drop in electricity consumption by 2020. Prestigious publications published summaries of the report. It’s unbelievable that an unscientific poll could form the basis Continue reading Another Misleading Report